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I Build awesome mobile web and desktop applications, my name is Yesigye Ignatius and I am a software developer proficient in JavaScript and PHP. I am an experienced developer who learns and uses the best tools to solve problems at hand.


These are some of my best projects.

medixa medixa - doctor & hospital listing with booking

This script is a hospital and doctor listing management tool. It is great if you are looking for an easy-to-use script to register an updated listing of doctors and hospital from which users can search and book appointments. In addition; the script allows users to book and track appointments with physicians, who will be duly notified by email and in app notifications. Dashboards are created for hospitals accounts where they can manage their physicians, define facilities they offer, upload photos and more.

medixa Dashman - Functional Dashboard Generator

Dashman is a php script that automatically generates a working admin dashboard from your database. Dashman will take care of backend stuff, so that you focus on building amazing apps. The script generates Data Graphs for relevant tables, Quick Statistics on data and performs CRUD functions on tables all while presenting everything in a familiar and user friendly dashboard experience.

medixa Dvee Cart - E-commerce with Paypal

Dvee is an Ecommerce system build on a solid modular CodeIgniter framework and flexi cart toolkit. It’s a simple and convenient way to setup, monitor and manage your store. Deck is built to help you to start selling your products with very little effort and simple modules and packages like inventory management, order management, online payments, a robust shopping cart and much more.

medixa Dataspark - Database Populating Tool

Dataspark is a php script that creates and populates your database with relevant yet randomly generated data. Whether you what to stress test your database or you want to save time to design your app or blog, Dataspark is the perfect tool that will save you time filling your database will the test data you need.

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